Professional Makeup Artistry Course(4 Weeks, 120 Hours)

The professional make up and hair styling course is suitable for beginners as well as professional looking to enhance their skills in make-up, to complete their basic make up training, and are looking to specialize in fashion , beauty and advertising make-up, the programme looks to encourage and develop students creative potential. Here is what’s included..

Make-up Artist Hygiene
Understanding the importance and professional standards of artist hygiene.

Skin Preparation

Preparing the skin is just as important as make-up itself. It is the base to any good make-up application. You will learn an understanding of skin care and different skin types.

Foundation Selection and Application
Foundation selection according to skin types and tones. Coverage levels, textures and finishes for different foundation types, and various mixing and application techniques.

Corrective and Camouflage Techniques
Correcting and camouflaging technique for imperfections such as spots and dark circles

Contouring and Highlighting
Shading and highlighting techniques to emphasise certain features on the face.

Creating Glowing Skin
Learn how to create fresh glowing dewy skin with a variety of products used by industry professionals.

Purpose of powders in loose and pressed textures.

Learn the various techniques and ways to apply bronzers.

Eye Brow Shaping
Includes artistic eyebrow shaping and techniques to enhance the natural line of the eyebrows.

Eye Shadows in Powders and Cream
This will cover the different textures in terms of their application and their uses in detail.

Natural Beauty Make-Up
You will learn the various ways to apply a perfect natural make-up focusing on the skin.

Bridal Make-up
This covers the application of bridal make-up as well as other considerations.

Smokey Eyes
Learn the many styles of smoky eyes. In this section you will learn application techniques, use of different textures, adding colour and personal style.

Glamour Makeup
You will learn detailed application techniques of glamour style makeup with the help of a make up artist with extensive glamour makeup industry experience.

Pencil/Liquid Liner
This covers pencil and liquid eyeliners and application techniques in detail.

This covers different mascaras, applications and their uses.

False lash Application
This covers eyelash strips, individuals, lower lashes and creative application techniques.

Blushers in Powders and Creams
Powders and cream blushers will be covered in detail including application techniques of different textures and their uses.

Lipsticks, Glosses & Liners
This will cover all aspects from colour selection to application of lipsticks, glosses and lip liners. Understanding how to enhance or alter lip shapes.

Hands & Body
You will learn make-up and various considerations on areas of the hands and body.

This is an exciting area of the course. Here you find out what really goes on backstage .

Understanding of Photography Lighting
A make up artist’s understanding of photography lighting is application for your make up.

Black & white/colour Photography Make Up
You will learn make up applications and the key differences for both black & white and colour photography

Course Fee: Rs. 49,999.00
Duration: 4 weeks, 120 hours